Introduction of DG Group

Goal: To develop DG GROUP into an influential one with sustained profitability, which will promises for each detail.
Every thing serves the company’s interests
Persistent, Hard-working and Persuasive
Targeting, Implementation and Real-time demand satisfaction
Industrious learning for continuous progresses

DGIMC is the branch company attached to DG GROUP with the registered fund of 30 million Yuan RMB. DGIMC is the pioneer that brought out the new kind of consulting service on the integration of marketing communication (IMC), which aims to help the invested enterprises to embrace the advertisement, promotion, public relations, direct selling, CI, packaging and news media into the scale marketing. Furthermore, DGIMC also enables the invested enterprises to send the messages and information to their clients in the unified way. Based on the satisfaction of the client demands through the communications between enterprise and clients, our company will design a workable and unified marketing scheme for the invested enterprises by balancing the various communication ways as well as the internal and external synergies. Making full use of the measures according to their diversified advantages, DGIMC aims to minimize the marketing cost for the invested enterprises.

Core CompetenceDo our best and do what has been said.


was established in 2011 with the main business of the industry investment in mainland of China, which consists of several general executives from a registered company in Hong Kong. In 2011, we successfully completed many investment projects in the field of modern consuming service Meanwhile in the year of 2012, we invested in many projects in the marketing of education including the project of Social Network of Learning and Sharing.


The project of Social Network of Learning and Sharing originates from the secret “322 Skull and Bones” of Yale University in America. Through the combined researches from Business School of Harvard University and that of Luton University for 16 years, they brought out the model of Social Network of Learning and Sharing in the heritance of the cream from “Ivy Model (with the members of MIT, Harvard and Yale etc.)”, “World Coffee Table Model”, “EDP Model and “KOC Theories (Knowledge on Conductor)”. Meanwhile, the innovative “Contact Assistant System” is taken in shape to provide the services for High Net Worth Group to experience the high-quality life.

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